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Diet tips and Detox Programs

Diet Tips

Diet is an excellent tool to boost the immune system, rebuild new cells, tissue, ligaments, cartilage, and feed all organs etc..... By avoiding foods high in animal fat, sugar, white flower, salt, canned food, frozen foods, carbonated drinks, coffee, alcohol etc... and by eating healthy natural foods (raw) such as 3 to 4 servings of all organic grains, vegetables, legumes, and fruits a day. It is also important to take some time for yourself to be active, such as walking and or swim 20 to 30 minutes per day, as this will help clear your mind of the day's stresses while keeping you healthy and mobile.

Weight Loss

Detox Tips

Detox is very important for the body. First we could have major detox and then detox 2-4 times a year depending on what kind of diet we have. Lots of people have different opinion about detoxing. Most people buy many products and they go in circles and will get no results. All organs are supposed to be detoxed: Liver, Kidneys, Lung, Lymphatic system, colon(small and large intestine) and the skin area which many people ignore.

In order to detox you have to follow one simple rule:

You have to want and believe in detoxing deep in your heart. If you Believe! then you can detox. Detoxing is very hard task and lots of work.

Eliminate the Causes of Disease

The four causes of disease are parasites, bacteria (bad bacteria), virus and fungi (candida). Our goal is to eliminate the cause of disease. In order to eliminate the four causes of disease the body must detox all organs and change our blood from acidic to alkaline. The detox usually takes a minimum of 12 months to accomplish.

The body will detox completely from head to toe, toe to head, inside out from today until you go back to your mother's womb. All symptoms of all diseases will come back repeatedly while detoxing until the body expels the symptoms completely. This occurs because all diseases are suppressed with medication they remain embedded in our cells, lymphatic system and organs they are not eliminated. This experience is referred to as a healing crises.

Major Detox

In order to detox the organs it is advisable to remain on a juice fast (no solid food no chewing) for at least 4 weeks and up to 8 weeks or more. The longer the juice fast the better the results. One should not worry about losing too much weight. As long as you take a daily brisk walk for 5-20 minutes adding a minute a day or more depending on your physical abilities. Before you realize it, you will be able to walk 60 minutes effortlessly. You may engage in any other daily exercise routine such as swimming, the gym, a bike ride, hiking etc. as time permits. You will not lose any excess weight (muscle) actually the opposite will occur. If you need to gain weight you will gain if you need to lose weight, you will lose it on this fast. The first time I was on my fast for many months I only lost 1 lb. I had no fat to lose. The only time people lose muscle is if they are not mobile or if they remain couch potatoes. Commencing the fast, you have to ease into a juice fast for example, if you are going to start a fast on Monday the weekend before you need to drink 4-6 glasses of fresh carrot and vegetable juice daily and the night before you retire eat a boiled egg and/or salads for dinner.

The following day you may start your fast. For the best results drink a minimum of 4-6 glasses a day or as many as you like of fresh pomegranate juice for 3 days maximum you can repeat pomegranate juice once every 3 months (if you do not like pomegranate juice) start juicing 4 of any of the following ingredients: organic carrot, celery, parsley, 1/4 of a red beet with stem, cabbage and any green leafy vegetable. If you can add 1-3 oz of wheat grass to 1 gallon of juice that would be optimal (always have 50% carrot and 20-25% of celery juice) or drink pure carrot juice if you like (it could be too sweet for some people) you may add 1/2 an apple to vegetable juice unless you have fungus or candida. Note :If you have any kidney disease do not drink carrot juice it is high in potassium. Make sure to add 2-3 tablespoons of shark liver oil (rich in Omega 3) per day to your juice. You can drink as much juice as you want all day long there is no limit to the amount of juice you consume daily. If you are retaining water and/or have kidney stones drink organic unsweetened cranberry juice for a few days also add parsley to all your vegetable juices.

During the detox for better results you also need to take a high quality multi-vitamin and mineral supplement (liquid mineral), vitamin B-complex 150mg per day (only after meals/juicing) B-12 1 tablet under the tongue, vitamin C from 5-10 thousand mg (after 2-4 weeks reduce vitamin C to 2-3 thousand mg per day). , vitamin E 800-1600 IU and preferably liquid calcium 1000 mg and 500 mg of good quality niacinamide and 2-3 teaspoons of shark liver oil daily.

After a few weeks on the juice fast you can introduce a protein shake to your diet. You can mix 1 or more of the following 1-2 glasses of goat, rice or almond milk add 2-3 tablespoons of goat whey (fresh raw) and 2-3 tablespoons of rice bran, 2-3 bananas, 1 raw organic or farm egg, 2-4 ounces of raw unsalted mixed nuts any combination of organic berries(strawberry, blackberry, cranberry, blueberry, raspberry etc, papaya, mangos, pineapple and/or acai and 2-3 organic dates or 2-3 tablespoons of honey for sweetening. If you are a body builder this protein shake will be excellent to consume on a daily basis to build strong lean muscle mass.

Repeat this diet and exercise plan for four weeks or more. Remember the longer you stay on the juice fast the more your body will detox. In reality you need at least 12 months to totally detox. During this period you will usually have 3 bowel movements or more daily this is totally normal your body is cleansing and must eliminate any and all mucus ropes and other waste in the colon. Under no circumstances use colonics or enemas.

You do not have to remain on a juice fast for 12 months. At the end of the fast you can start eating solid foods. Make sure you drink 2-4 glasses of vegetable juice per day and eat salads for lunch and then drink juice at night. Next day start with an organic oatmeal organic flax cereal or any other non wheat unsweetened cereal with goat's milk, rice or almond milk (I do not recommend soy milk) as you prefer add one banana and some raw nuts with up to 2 tablespoons of honey or 2-6 dates. At Noon eat a salad with some brown rice or potatoes, baked fish or if you are vegetarian eat steamed vegetables (do not boil or immerse vegetables in boiling water). At night eat some fresh fruit (if you have candida or fungus avoid all fruits until the candida or fungus is controlled). Make sure you keep exercising daily. Then try your best to eat balanced healthy wholesome meals from the four food groups. It is very good to go on one day juice fast (liquid diet) per week. It can be any day of the week you choose. This way you can give your digestive system and organs the day off to rest, detox and relax. If you are overweight you will lose plenty of weight on this detox plan. If you drop too many pounds fast do not worry the first week is usually water weight after that you will start losing fat. Also if your cholesterol level is on the high side it should also drop dramatically as long as you keep up with the exercise routine.

Good luck a healthy lifestyle takes discipline, goodwill and perseverance!!!

After the detox we need to continue eating a balanced healthy diet so we can stay clean and healthy.

Avoid- Stop

Avoid the 3 whites and other toxic foods

White flour, refined sugars, iodized salt, red meat, foods with a high content of animal fat, canned foods, frozen foods, pre-packaged foods, deep fried foods, jams, syrups, soda, coffee, cold drinks and ice, ice cream, and alcohol, all dairy products (except goat milk and its products such as non salted feta cheese) and many other non-natural foods.

If you follow the 4 Golden Rules and the 80-20 rule you will always have a balanced and alkaline diet and have Alkaline blood and body.

The Four Golden Rules:

1. Natural: All foods should be in its natural state. Example: raw vegetables  and fresh fruits.

2. Pure: The food is not altered and is in its original natural state.

3. Whole: For example apples you eat the whole apple with the skin but not the pit.

4. Organic: The food has to be grown free of pesticides, herbicides and free of any chemical sprays the farm lands have to be USDA certified organic. Most of the time when we eat in a restaurant we will not be able to know if the food is organic. We have to trust the restaurant's grocer to be certified organic. Any time you come to eat, look at your meal ask yourself if the 4 golden rule applies to your meal, if the food fits the criteria then you can consume with comfort and confidence.

Healthy Fruit

Food Combinations

A healthy balanced diet is combining vegetables with a starch or a protein for example a salad or steamed or raw vegetables and rice or a salad or steamed or raw vegetables and potatoes not potatoes and rice. A salad, steamed or raw vegetables with legumes, fish, chicken or lean meat. Do not eat starch and protein in any one meal such as steak and potatoes or chicken and rice. Do not eat fruit with or after meals. Fruits should only be consumed 2 hours before or after any meal. You may drink vegetable juice or hot mint tea with any meal but not fruit juice.

Rule 80-20:

When we eat we feed our blood. Our healthy blood is made up 80% alkaline and 20% acid. Most people are walking around with the opposite ratios to the rule usually 80-90% acid and 10-20% alkaline. That's why we have so many diseases, infections, bad bacteria, uncontrolled viruses and other abnormal cells in our bodies. Disease, infections, bad bacteria, tumors etc. cannot survive in an alkaline rich bloodstream. These can only survive in an acidic bloodstream. In order to achieve a high level of alkaline in the blood we have to follow the 80% alkaline rule. This can be achieved by eating 6 vegetables (any kind of vegetables, leafy greens and other vegetables) and 2 fruits per day. Each vegetable is 10% and every fruit is 10% alkaline that equals 80% alkaline. Now acidic foods are simple we need only 1 protein a day and 1 starch a day which will equal 20% acidity totaling 100%.

After our hard work of cleansing and detoxing the body we must exercise preferably 20-40 minutes per day morning or evening. A brisk walk is one of the most beneficial exercises.

Take stock of your daily diet and decide what category best describes your diet--alkaline or acidic??????????????

The Detox Program

The detox program consists of three products to detox, replenish and rejuvenate your organs and body. If the patient is suffering from the symptoms of arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, degeneration of discs in the spine, of ligament tissue and cartilage, swelling of the ankles and knees, inflammation of the joints etc. the patient will also add the Super Complete Joint Flex supplement.

The supplements are taken as follows:

• Super Complete Digestex and Metabooster, take 2 toppers of each in 2 oz of water 3 times per day 20-30 minutes before meals.

• Add 4 toppers of Super Complete Heavy Metal to the Digestex and Metabooster.

• In addition take 2 toppers every 1/2 hour for first bottle of Super complete Immune Power. After the first bottle take 2 toppers every hour for the remainder of the program. Advice the patient to swish the liquid in their mouth for up to 30 seconds as this will aid in diminishing bacteria in the mouth, gingivitis and improve gum disease.

• Fish liver oil take 2 tspn per day unless instructed otherwise (if you have cancer or osteoporosis, joint, ligament, tissue, cartilage, rheumatoid arthritis and disc problems take 2 tblspns per day in addition to Super complete Joint Flex ).

If Joint Flex is also needed it is to be taken 4 times per day 3 times 20-30 minutes before meals 1 tablespoon directly in the mouth then drink half a glass of water. The fourth dose should be taken before retiring for the evening. The dosage is considered a double dose for symptoms of arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, degeneration of discs in the spine, ligament, tissue and cartilage, swelling of the ankles and knees, inflammation of the joints etc. Once the patient feels relief from pain and/or swelling he or she may lower the dose to 3 tablespoons per day for 2-4 months then once again to 2 tablespoons once in the morning and in the evening until the end of the program. If athletes are taking the product its advisable to take 4 tablespoons per day before exercising to maintain the joints, ligaments and tissues healthy. We also advice patients to use NAS Orthotics to align the bones in the feet, and the body to alleviate ankle, joint, lower back, feet and neck pain from walking in misalignment. For further information visit www.nasorthotics.com or call us.

The patient is required to take these 3 products for a total body and organ detox including elimination of parasites, fungus, bacteria and virus. The program is minimum of a year, at the onset for approximately six months the patient is required to take double the normal dose to jump start the detox process. This will require consumption of the equivalent of 12 months supply of product. In the remaining six months the patient will go back to a normal dose unless the patient has a chronic disease then he or she need to continue on double dose. Depending how much the patient improves within the first year it will be determined how long he or she needs to continue the treatment.